Doors and cabinets go hand in hand. An aesthetically designed door always adds to the beauty of the cabinet. There is a wide range of door styles available in the market, here are few styles you can choose from. Choosing the right of door for your cabinet is not an easy task. Raised panel is one style wherein doors have the center of the door even with the outer door frame. There is usually a recessed design outlining the center panel. The design may be rectangular, or have an arch or cathedral top. In recessed panel style the center panel is recessed from the outer frame of the door. The edge of the recess may have a decorative edge.

Another style is solid slab in this style; there is a smooth door with no raised or recessed panels. In frame and panel style the door, usually has a raised outer door frame and several recessed panels make up for the center of the door. Yet another style is glass and mullion. You can choose this style for all of your cabinet doors, or just a few to accent certain cabinets. The door will be of glass with wood dividers creating a design.