Wood is by and large an essential component for nearly all kitchen cabinets. It imparts a rich classic appeal. It comes in a variety of species. Depending on your own personal taste, you can create the look for your wood kitchen cabinet. The kind of wood that you select will have the most impact on your kitchen cabinet’s final look. Maple (light wood), Cherry (mid-dark), Oak (light wood), Pine (light wood), Alder (pale pinkish-brown to almost white), Hickory (colors ranging from white to a ruddy brown), Mahogany (rich in color, reddish), Walnut (dark brown to purplish black), Ebony (dark wood), Elm (light wood), Chestnut (light wood), Butternut (rich in color), Rosewood (rich in color), Teak (rich in color) are the types of wood you can use for the cabinet.

Remember a kitchen tends to be affected by humidity and temperature and your cabinets need to adjust to such variation in temperature. Solid wood often expands and contracts when exposed to such humidity, leading to warping. It will be a good idea to consider using hardwood veneer and laminate alternatives. A proper consultation in this regard will help you pick the right category of wood for your cabinet. Don’t forget to maintain it and keep it clean.