Base Cabinets are the lower cabinets’ one can find in the kitchen and bathroom and it normally contains drawers on the top as well as closed shelving below or may consist of just cupboard space. Readymade base cabinets for kitchens often come as part of a kitchen cabinet set with upper cupboards while the bathroom base cabinets or vanity bathroom cabinets as they are referred to as, usually fit underneath the sink.  In order to deal with the shape of the sink, some cabinets have a faux drawer with the cabinet opening below.  Although cabinets are by and large usual ones, you may find that the base cabinet consists entirely of drawers.

Usually all categories of base cabinets are constructed of wood, you can also find stainless steel models for workspaces as well as modern kitchens. Stainless steel is very popular for outdoor cooking areas as it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Although buying your readymade base cabinets is less expensive, you can have them customized to suit any space without spending a fortune. When space is less, making use of corner spaces is important.  Base corner cabinets can be tricky as the area inside the cabinet is difficult to access. So think before you purchase.