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Why Buy Cabinets Online?

Whether you’re designing your kitchen, bathroom, or other storage solutions throughout your home, you have some important decisions to make during the process. One of the most pivotal decisions you can make is your choice of cabinets.

The cabinets you select will have a huge effect on the feel of the room, and should enhance your décor while providing you with the convenient storage you need. Quality is crucial, as poor construction will end up costing you more in the long run, even if it saved you money at first. Because of these facts, it’s easy to see why most people assume you need to go to a showroom or other store to personally inspect cabinets before you buy them. But, perhaps surprisingly, choosing to buy cabinets online is the better option!

The Advantages of Buying Cabinets Online

Visiting a furniture showroom certainly has its charm, especially if it’s a nice, open space with plenty of air and light. Some people find a special feeling when surrounded by fresh cabinetry offering a glimpse of possibility for your home, and the lingering scents of wood and a touch of finish add another dimension to it. But while it can be enjoyable to shop for cabinets in a showroom, shopping online really is the better option. When you buy cabinets online, you have several advantages that traditional retailers can’t offer you:

An Unlimited Selection

Showrooms and furniture stores are physical locations, so even the biggest ones can run out of space. An online store, however, can hold unlimited products. When a brand or retailer has every single one of its products in one place, it makes it much easier to get a complete picture of what they can offer you. With physical stores, this might involve driving to a second location or doing lots of tiresome walking just to make sure you’ve seen it all. But with a website, everything can be in one place! Which brings us to…

Fast, Easy Product Comparisons

You have a lot of variables to consider when choosing cabinets, including color and other specifications. Shopping online simplifies the process of comparing and choosing between different products, especially as you work toward narrowing your choices down to the final decision. Once more we’re reminded of the possible need for extensive driving or walking if you were trying to compare cabinets in physical showrooms. Shopping online allows you to compare as many cabinets as you want with ease, making it much simpler to discover your new favorites. It’s much easier and faster to click links in a web browser!

Fast Ordering Anytime

Online shopping is the most convenient way to purchase any product, and cabinets are no exception. Physical stores have hours of operation that you’d have to work your schedule around. Websites, however, are open 24/7. You can buy your new cabinets from Online Cabinets Direct with only a few clicks of your mouse, at any time that’s convenient for you. Of course, we are available if you prefer to speak to us and place your order personally (during business hours), but many of our customers are quite happy to buy cabinets online through our website. If inspiration for your new kitchen design strikes in the middle of the night, don’t let that stop you!

Convenient Shipping

Traditional retailers will often have to order cabinets for you as they may not have every product in stock, with the need for a showroom eliminating much of their warehousing space. Just because it’s out on the showroom floor doesn’t mean the retailer has any in stock at the time. However, Online Cabinets Direct maintains a huge selection of RTA cabinets in stock and ready to go. If you need custom sizing, we’re also much faster than our competitors and can ship your new, custom cabinetry to you within one to three weeks.

Easier Custom Sizing

Custom sizing can be very expensive when you buy cabinets through traditional retail channels, as some retailers simply don't prioritize custom work, instead offering a selection of "standard" sizes with custom sizing reserved as a pricier option. At Online Cabinets Direct, we are fully devoted to custom sizing and can provide you with cabinetry that fits your exact measurements at a much lower price.

Cost Savings

Online stores typically have fewer expenses than traditional retailers, since there is no need to maintain a retail space or manage a physical store. At Online Cabinets Direct, we pass these savings along to you, the customer. This means you'll be able to purchase the highest quality cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms at a far lower price than you could expect at an offline retailer. This is also how we can offer our Price Match Guarantee.

Are There Disadvantages to Buying Cabinets Online?

It’s reasonable to wonder if buying cabinets online has disadvantages to counter its advantages. The answer is pretty quick: the only disadvantage is that you can’t see and touch the cabinets in real life before you buy them. We mentioned the desire to inspect cabinetry in person as one of the reasons customers might feel unsure about buying cabinets online, and we understand these concerns.

We want you to feel confident about your decision to buy cabinets online from us, which is why we make plenty of information available to you regarding every detail of our cabinetry including construction methods and materials used. We also offer fully refundable cabinet door samples at a low price, which you can use not only to see the color and finish of a cabinet you’re interested in, but also to get a taste of our high quality standards.

We stand on our reputation for providing the highest quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and other cabinetry solutions. You can buy with confidence from Online Cabinets Direct and be certain of the quality and integrity of our brand.

A Final Tip for Buying Cabinets Online

If you feel up to assembling the cabinets yourself, you can save a significant amount of money and simplify the shipping process by buying RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets. The benefits of RTA cabinets are many, and their only disadvantage is the effort it takes to put them together… which many people don’t consider a disadvantage at all. Since they ship as a flat pack, RTA cabinets are the most cost-efficient for buying online, as well as costing less than pre-assembled cabinets in general. So, keep that in mind as you shop!

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