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The Online Cabinets Direct Advantage: How We Stand Out from the Competition

At Online Cabinets Direct, we understand there are plenty of places you can buy RTA kitchen cabinets. However, we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that we are the superior option in every aspect. Our goal is to excel at everything from product quality to customer service, and we stand ready to prove it to you as our customer.

Another thing we understand is that these are claims that every business will make in the pursuit of gaining new customers. Of course every merchant out there (in any industry) is going to say everything they can to try to convince you that they’re the best. The difference between empty marketer-speak, and true commitment, is whether or not a company can back up their words with both action and results.

We can, and we do every day. This article will provide you with an in-depth look at the reality of the promises we make and how we stand out from the competition.

The Problems with Low-Quality Cabinets

To fully grasp the value of what we offer at Online Cabinets Direct, you need to understand the basics of RTA cabinet quality. Cabinets need to be tough enough to survive daily usage, preferably for decades — they are not supposed to be a purchase you need to replace every few years. They need to be built from the right materials and using the right techniques. A kitchen is a naturally hazardous place, even if you always follow every safety precaution: there will still be heat, moisture, grease, particulates in the air, and more, all of which can harm your cabinets over time.

Of course, there’s also the possibility of bumping against a cabinet and causing a scratch or gouge, and even if you’re careful you can still find “mystery scratches” that mar the look of your cabinetry, even if they’re just superficial.

Damaged or deteriorating cabinets can be ugly, but it might be worse than you think. Sufficient degradation can harm the overall structural integrity of your cabinets to the point that they could even be dangerous. A sudden collapse could destroy everything inside, and even hurt someone in the room at the time, especially if a wall cabinet is the one that fails!

Low-quality cabinets are far more susceptible to these issues because they use inferior materials and construction methods. Even though RTA cabinets are assembled by you, there are still different ways they are meant to be put together, and low-quality RTA cabinets will use poor construction methods like camlocks, plastic L-brackets, or simple metal clips. Some of the worst assembly methods may go together “easily” or without tools, e.g. by turning metal dials with your fingers, but cabinets built this way are not durable enough to use and their inherent instability can cause them to be “racked” (out of square). This is an installation nightmare, and even once in place, they may never line up properly.

Particleboard can also present problems, especially if it itself is low-quality. A deep scratch in particleboard can compromise the entire structure by letting moisture in, and laminate cabinets can have a similar issue. Considering both materials are also heavier than natural wood, it’s hard to see any advantages of using them. Meanwhile, natural wood and plywood are stronger, lighter, and easier to repair, which is not just a testament to wood in general as a better material but also an important consideration when comparing wood versus laminate cabinets for a kitchen design.

The worst cabinets are bad from the moment they’re installed, without even needing time to degrade with age — badly fitted, poorly made cabinets are a failure risk from day one.

High-Quality Cabinets for a Low Price

At Online Cabinets Direct, we take a number of steps to ensure that when you buy kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities from us, you are getting the very best. Our aim is to provide only high-end cabinets at exceptionally low pricing. From our home base in Spring Hill, Tennessee, we serve customers all over the United States and beyond, and we are proud to have you as our next customer.

You can’t just slap a few pieces of particleboard together and call it a cabinet, and you can’t expect cheap assembly methods to result in the high durability and quality you need. The superior quality of our cabinet construction is a point of pride for us here at Online Cabinets Direct.

Why Online Cabinets Direct is the Best RTA Cabinet Brand

Let’s go over the details of our cabinetry and the specifications that make out products stand out from the competition.

Buy cabinets online through our store and you'll discover our products differ based on:

Superior Cabinet Materials

  • Many of our competitors use particleboard, oak, and other medium- to low-end materials in their designs. We’ve already touched on the issues with particleboard, and while oak is at least a real wood, it’s not the best wood for cabinetry. Maple is far superior, and is our material of choice. We opt only for solid maple and maple plywood in our products, and we never use particleboard.

Top-Quality Box Construction

  • We briefly explained some of the inferior cabinet construction methods our competitors use, such as camlocks, metal clips, or plastic L-brackets. Although they produce poor results, these methods became popular among cheaper cabinet manufacturers. The practice started in China and eventually spread to manufacturers worldwide whose primary concern is to keep their own costs down, not to provide you with the best product. At Online Cabinets Direct we prefer using a superior-quality all-wood I-beam box construction with a long history in carpentry. Our methods consistently produce cabinetry with both exceptional appearance and durability, and as an American company we use American construction techniques that have proven their worth over generations.

Time-Tested Drawer Construction

  • We take every detail seriously, whether or not it’s a part of the cabinet that the homeowner will usually see. Our drawers feature and old-fashioned but superior dovetail design that’s backed up with full-extension under-mount soft close drawer slides. This means that not only are our cabinet drawers built to stand the test of time, they also glide like butter and are a pleasure to open and close.

The Best Pricing on High-Quality Cabinets

  • While Online Cabinets Direct delivers high-end cabinetry to all of our customers, we also provide exceptional savings. We do not believe in cutting corners in our work, and we have better ways to keep costs down than to compromise on our product quality. What we do believe is that every one of our customers deserves access to the highest quality craftsmanship, for a lower price. Our cabinets will last for generations and add value to your home.

Check out our Cabinet Construction page for a bit more detail including photos of our construction methods.

Ready to Buy Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets?

Whether you’re ready to buy, or still in the planning stages, we’re here to serve. Browse our selection of cabinets and you'll see for yourself why we stand apart from the competition. When you're ready to order, just do so from our convenient online store or contact us directly for personal service. At Online Cabinets Direct, we are out to become your favorite source for all your cabinetry needs.

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