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BC45 - Dark Gray Shaker Blind Corner Base Cabinet 45
45" Wide Blind Corner Base Cabinet

BC45 - Dark Gray Shaker Blind Corner Base Cabinet 45" Wide x 24" Deep x 34.5" Tall

Part Number: BC45-SCDGS
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Feature: 185
Dimensions: 45" Wide, 24" Deep, 34-1/2" High
Feature: Depth Modification Available


A blind corner base cabinet is the perfect choice if you want to get every last bit of storage space out of your kitchen. They are built to fit neatly in the corner between perpendicular rows of cabinetry. This makes them smaller internally than other cabinets, but you may prefer the extra space they offer as well as the smooth, unbroken look they provide. Unlike diagonal or square corner base cabinets, blind corner base cabinets are installed partially hidden behind the end of the perpendicular cabinetry. Like square base cabinets, they maintain the look of an inner corner. Our Summit Craftman White Blind Corner Base Cabinets are an exact color and style match to our Summit Craftman White cabinet series and include a drawer above the cabinet door. These Blind Corner Base Cabinets measure 45" wide x 34.5" tall x 24" deep and require 48" of wall space to install.