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SGH36 - Canvas Shaker 36
Stem Glass Holder

SGH36 - Canvas Shaker 36" Stem Glass Holder

Part Number: SGH36:SCCNV
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Feature: 409
Dimensions: 36" Wide, 10-1/4" Deep, 1-1/2" High


Stem Glass Holders provide a convenient storage location for stem wine glasses and can be installed underneath a wall cabinet, wine rack cabinet, or wine storage cabinet. Wine glasses slide into the holder upside down which also keeps them dust-free! We offer a variety of Stem Glass Holders to match our cabinetry for a consistent look throughout your kitchen. Our Summit Canvas Stem Glass Holder is a color match for our Summit Canvas cabinet series and measures 36" wide x 1.5" tall x 10.25" deep. The width can be easily modified on-site if needed.