There are wide varieties of wood available in order to give you the perfect rustic kitchen cabinet that will look artistic and exquisite in all its form. Cherry offers you wide range of colour right from off-white to red to brown on the basis of sapwood or heartwood you are using. Heartwood is known for getting darker shades effortlessly when it is exposed to light' while sapwood is generally more prominent creating a fine combination of hues.

Hickory is another of its strongest type of wood that you can surely experiment with. It has unique grain patterns that bring out certain nuances.Rustic kitchen cabinets are easier to achieve without even meddling yourself with activities like polishing or giving it finishing look. These palettes are very flexible and are also true knots bringing out aesthetic sense.

It goes beyond and also contains part of hardwoods like red oak and maple. They are very robust and versatile with vivid grain and knots that bring your cabinets come to life with the right kind of light placed on it. You can commendably create that rustic feel by just allowing them to be in their normal self without any polish or paint or choose to add antique finishes or stains to bring out a vintage country feel.