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When it comes to purchasing new cabinets for the kitchen, most homeowners have to make a difficult decision between two of the most common materials: wood or laminate. On one hand, wood has a natural undeniable beauty and has the upper hand in terms of resilience and longevity. On the other hand, the laminate kitchen cabinets are the best choice for those that want to obtain a modern and sleek design and are easy to clean and maintain. As expected, the laminate cabinets are less costly compared to their wood counterparts, however this advantage pales a bit by comparison when considering the wood’s durability.

It is necessary to highlight that the recent advancements in laminate manufacturing have significantly increased the resilience of the material. Therefore, the latest laminated cabinets available on the market are obtained through a process dubbed as rigid thermal foiling in order to grant the material extra strength and resilience. Given the fact that laminate provides a plethora of choices in terms of style, finishes, texture and colors as well as its low pricing, this means the fabric could be ideal for future kitchen cabinets. Nonetheless, the method of attaching laminate parts together has not been improved and there is still the drawback of adhesive strength loss and peeling that manufacturers need to work on.


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