End Of Summer Sale

At the same time, laminate kitchen cabinets are also not completely indistinguishable from their wooden counterparts even when they are designed to look like wood kitchen cabinets. They won't be as heavy to touch for instance and will rather feel slightly lighter and more plastic. The slight chips and flakes that will likely collect will prevent them from presenting a perfectly flawless front, and they will also not have quite the deepness of color that wooden cabinets have.

            In other words then, laminate cabinets are a great budget option and are cheap and easy to maintain, but if you want the very best looking cabinets then you will want to opt for good wooden cabinets. The other scenario though in which laminate kitchen cabinets can be a good move is where you want a particular color or style for your cabinets which can't be achieved with wood. For instance if you want white kitchen cabinets that are completely matte and don't show any grain, or if you want a pattern on them.


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