Your kitchen cabinets make up the vast majority of your kitchen, and so choosing the right cabinets is very important. When you purchase cabinets, you will be choosing the color and the design and this will take up more wall space than the color of your walls themselves. At the same time they will protrude outwards and that means you'll see the sides of them too, and the countertops. In other words when you choose to paint your kitchen while the room is empty you are not choosing the look of your kitchen rather when you purchase cabinets you will be choosing the color and the look of your kitchen as this is what will take up the most space.
    There are many choices to be made with kitchen cabinets though and this makes it quite tricky to decide what is best for your kitchen. You need to decide how many cabinets you want, what your cabinets should do whether you need doors or draws, how many shelves you want inside, and how big you want them to be.