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This then means that the surface of the laminate kitchen cabinets is not the same material as or the same look as what they are mostly made of. This laminated surface is manufactured rather than natural too and that means that it can have any design and any color – which includes the ability to mimic natural materials such as wood or stone, but also the ability to be completely one block color or even a pattern. Thus if you want a brightly colored kitchen, or white kitchen cabinets, then opting for laminate kitchen cabinets might be best. Alternatively you can use laminate kitchen cabinets to create the look of rustic kitchen cabinets, though this feel can also be accomplished using wood kitchen cabinets.

    Another benefit of laminate kitchen cabinets is that they are much cheaper than wood kitchen cabinets. This is because the actual wood used to make the kitchen cabinets themselves is not high quality, but rather a ply wood or a chip board.

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