End Of Summer Sale
The laminate layer means that no one sees this so it doesn't matter, but you then aren't paying for any high quality woods.

    Laminate kitchen cabinets are easy to clean and maintain as the laminate surface is non absorbent and won't stain easily. At the same time there are no grooves or divots where crumbs or dust can collect so cleaning your laminate kitchen cabinets is merely a matter of wiping them down once with a wet or dry cloth.

    However laminate kitchen cabinets of course have some downsides too when compared to wood kitchen cabinets. For instance they are cheaper but that comes at a price – they are also less durable. This is because the wood is not as good quality, and because the laminate surface can chip off or start to come away. As you will be working in the kitchen environment – where there are lots of sharp tools and where you will be generating a lot of heat – it's not unusual to find laminate kitchen cabinets where bits have flaked away from the surface or where the outer layer has started to lift up from the base.

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