This way then you almost can just lift your hand and have the thing you need right there. Say you are preparing a bowl of food in the center of your island, you could then be chopping on one surface, and preparing a sauce on another and at either have the bowl right behind you.

            Alternatively if you were cooking a hot pot and you had your island as the hob, then you could prepare the various bits on each of your cabinets around the side, and then just place them into the bowl in the middle.

            Finally if you used your island as a place to store your sink, then you could prepare food and cook around the side, and then just turn around in order to put your pots and pans into the sink in the middle immediately so that you didn't have to worry about washing up. Whether you have a U shaped design, an L, or a corridor surrounding your island, either way you will be able to add an island in the middle and make sure that there are always more work surfaces and there is always more storage available.