This also means you don't necessarily have to be renovating your kitchen in order to benefit from this idea. Instead you can just have the island installed into the middle of almost any kitchen design you already have.

            Remember that the island itself requires some design thought and you have to decide how big you want it, whether you want it to consist of just work surfaces or to have the sink/cooker built in, and the kinds of cabinets you are going to use.

            At the same time you should also think about the size of your kitchen though, and even a small island in the middle of a kitchen can make it feel a little more cramped. While this is a fantastic design feature of any kitchen if you can support it, if your kitchen is very small then it just won't make sense to install one as it will take away from your open space and it will leave you unable to move around quite as freely. Meanwhile think about what else you want to do in the kitchen and whether this is somewhere you would rather hang out with family and eat breakfast in the mornings.