There are many different kitchen layouts that all revolve around the concept of providing yourself with as much workspace as possible. These include the 'L' shaped design which involves having kitchen cabinets down two adjacent walls – one length and one width. This way you have a right angle at the end of your property where you can stand and be surrounded on two sides by kitchen cabinets – work surfaces that you can work at. Another is called the 'U' shaped design which of course means having one more wall covered in kitchen cabinets so that you can stand down the end and have cabinets on three sides. The 'corridor' design meanwhile still features just two walls of cabinets but this time picks two opposite ones that allow you to turn around and have another cabinet.

            The purpose of all these kitchen designs is to make sure that there are 'work zones' throughout the kitchen. These are areas where you can reach multiple base cabinets and wall cabinets in order to work from.