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Why An Island In Your Kitchen Part Four

Posted by Nathan Lincoln on 6/23/2011 to Blog

From here though you then have an additional work zone stuck right in the center of the room. Here goes your 'island' which is just a cluster of base cabinets with countertops normally in the shape of a square. What does this allow you to do? Well actually it makes using the kitchen a hell of a lot easier in a number of ways.

            First of all, by having your island you have created more space that you weren't afforded by the walls. This way you can have several additional cabinets and keep your things in there and that means that you can store more things without creating a cluttered environment. Eventually as you place kitchen cabinets you will run out of walls and that can mean that you run out of space and you run out of storage for your various appliances and utilities.

            This needn't be the case with an island, and this way you can  have a lot more storage space.




Beverly Hunter
Date: 12/6/2014
Hi We have a hard time finding anyone at our PA Rona store who will talk to us about cabinets without an appointment. We have been looking for someone to provide us with the following (in "black") : one refrigerator cabinet (custom) one double oven cabinets (we have been told it would have to be "custom" also) and one 4 x 4 island on which we could have a custom top to hold a cooktop, and a bar on two sides. We have contacted several cabinets makers in the area and in five years only one would even come out or look at our measurements and ideas….and he wanted to sell us all new kitchen cupboard doors to match or he wouldn't do the job. HELP!!! we don't think we are being hard to please, we really need this done. I'm yearning to have these ovens, (a gift and new) installed for two years now!!!!

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