Some people will even have cabinets or hangers that come from the ceiling over the top of the island and this is safe because no one can walk into them as the base cabinets will prevent them from doing so. On here it is possible to hang things like appliances and utensils that are there and ready to easily grab.

            Others will even put large appliances in the center of the room – for instance their sink might go in the middle on the island, or even their hobs. Other times of course the tops of the kitchen cabinets will be left clear, in order to allow you to use the work surfaces and thereby creating more of a work zone.

            What this means though, is that where-ever you are working around the edge of the room or at the island, you will only have to turn around in order to find yourself right in front of another work surface. This is a very useful design as it means you always have a work surface in front of you and behind you and you can always just grab things from behind or work on more than surface at a time.