In the perfect world an island in the kitchen would fit into a very modern kitchen design with highly modern kitchen cabinets. The room would also be large enough that you could fit a U shaped kitchen design so that the end surrounds the island, and this would be where the island would go.

    However down the other end of the kitchen there would be more space, and you would be able to fit a table for people to eat at and chairs so that they could keep you company. Down this end you might keep things like your fridge or a door to a utility room/larder. This way you can have both the space and the practicality of the island. However if your kitchen is only long enough to have an island that is central to the kitchen, then it just becomes a matter of preference. If you can fit a kitchen cabinet in though, it looks very professional and is a look sported by many chefs and cooks in their homes – so the very fact it is there will improve the look and feel of your kitchen.