If you missed out earlier then to just give you hint and if you already are aware let us reinforce you how white kitchen cabinet in any form looks classy adding grace to your home, especially if it is made of granite countertops. If you intend to get antique white kitchen cabinets for yourself you have option of choosing one of the various shades of brown or black coloured granite.

White kitchen cabinets look elegant with any colour but black just brings out the best combination. You can have the counter tops in black colour and add just black handles to the white cabinets and have a tranquil looking kitchen.  This instantly gives a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. You can also look at marble countertops in dark colour for white cabinets. Remember that the countertops are equally prominent and hence, need to be chosen properly. These must essentially compliment your kitchen cabinets.

Dual colour combination is also in demand in recent times. You can experiment with red and
white kitchen cabinetry giving your kitchen extremely chic look. Cherry brown and antique white kitchen cabinets will look modest and refined at the same time. If you want something funky, violet and white, yellow and white, green and white are the combos you can opt for.