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What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

A 10x10 kitchen is a sample kitchen measuring 10' by 10' amounting to a total of 20' of wall space. The 10x10 kitchen is a standard used by the kitchen cabinetry industry to help customers form a general idea of cost. You can use the basic 10x10 kitchen to gauge pricing, so you have a baseline on which to compare different types and styles of cabinetry.

This will help you come up with a quick estimate for your total cost, but the 10x10 kitchen is a sample and your actual cabinet order may vary depending on your layout, overall kitchen size, and the cabinet options you choose. The sample 10x10 kitchen is meant as a starting point for you to plan your own kitchen. Remember to thoroughly measure your own kitchen before you order, even if you already feel relatively sure of its size - if you need help, we provide detailed instructions on how to measure your kitchen.

As a means of planning cabinetry, a 10x10 kitchen only includes cabinets and does not take crown molding, countertop, sinks and other fixtures, appliances, countertops, or other hardware into account. Please remember these items while measuring, planning, and budgeting your kitchen.

Our 10x10 kitchen is based on the following items using our lowest-priced finish:

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Please use our Kitchen Design Guide to help you through the design and planning process of your kitchen. Our guide includes step by step instructions on how to measure your kitchen or bathroom, and how to create the floor plan you will use to create your new room.

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