Wall cabinets are basically wall mounted cabinets like those in kitchens and bathrooms. These provide an upper storage option on walls, also allowing usable space below, thus increasing the effective space for utilization.

The spaciousness and lighting in the rooms are not the only factors that add value to your room, other factors like wall cabinets also do. Durable and elegant hardwood wall cabinets like oak and cherry are much sought after by potential homebuyers. Though mostly found in kitchens and bathrooms, they may also be installed above washers, dryers in a laundry area, or over a work bench area to neatly store project supplies. As these are affixed to walls, you are left with plenty of floor space. Toiletries and bathroom essentials can all go into these wall bathroom cabinets.

Hanging wall cabinets store small stuff like books in library or living room, toiletries in bathroom, light storage jars in the kitchen. Open wall cabinets come without any doors or shutters. They need a lot of maintenance since they are openly visible. They are frequently found in living rooms for storing small decorative sculptures, photo frames etc. In wall cabinets maximize the room space since they are built in wall.

Wall to wall cabinets can help you to get rid of a lot of unwanted stuff. Be it in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or kid’s room, they help you keep your room spic and span.