There are many different types of kitchen cabinets available and it can sometimes be difficult to decide which type you want. You can find kitchen cabinets made from wood, metal, and hard plastic. Wooden cabinets seem to be quite popular and they are relatively strong just make sure the varnish coating is well done otherwise the wood could become moldy and decay which will hinder the strength of your cabinets. You should also think about the weight you apply to the cabinets. It is always a good idea to store heavy objects in the cabinets near the floor which will not damage anything if they break and they can usually support a lot of weight. If you place a heavy object in a cabinet that is high off the floor it could break and damage other objects in the kitchen or even cause an accident so it is a good idea to put heavy objects in low cabinets and light objects in higher cabinets. Wooden cabinets are always in style and they are also quite strong. However, metal cabinets are just as effective because you can store a lot of weight in them and they will not decay or break over time in other words they are very durable.