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If you have ordered a very affordable RTA cabinet package, then one of the most crucial installation steps is painting them. The best part about painting RTA base cabinets is that you do not need to remove their drawers and door, so you can get right down to business.  For better and long lasting results, it is advisable that to choose a 100% acrylic latex paint, as not only does it dry quickly, but it also makes maintenance easier. The other type of coating that can be used for this task is oil based paint. However, this paint is quite pretentious, as you will need to place the cabinet parts in a highly ventilated area. Even so, it still takes longer to dry compared to acrylic latex paint.

A huge advantage of Ready to Assemble cabinets over build-from-scratch cabinets is that it’s much easier to determine beforehand the area that will be displayed versus the area that will be hidden behind a wall. Why worry about making sure the paint job on the bottom is perfect when the only one available to appreciate it is your kitchen tile? With RTA cabinets, you can determine for yourself which sides you’ll want to work hard to paint your kitchen color. In general, you have three main tools that you can paint the cabinets with: brush, roller and spray. While the brush and roller require a lot of effort and long, smooth strokes, the spray is the gimmick that will make this job fast and ensure an evenly painted surface. After the paint has dried, it is a good idea to apply a second coat of paint with protective properties. Even though this is optional, it adds toughness and glossiness to the first layer of paint. This is true especially if you’ve chosen to paint with spray, since that particular type of paint is known for flaking with less durability as time goes on.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it may also be wise to lay down some newspaper before you begin your paint job so that you don’t end up having a bunch of painted corners and squares forever decorating your front porch. In the same vein, make sure that you aren’t wearing your favorite outfit when you begin painting, since they can easily be painted in the process.


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