Cabinets are simply drawers or small closets which are used to store various food supplies. If you regularly find yourself working in a kitchen chances are you know exactly where all your food is located within each cabinet. Organizing your food properly in each cabinet is a great idea because you will always know where everything is especially if you remember to place the object or food back in its proper place after you use it. If you remember to put everything back where it was when you are done using it you will save yourself time in the long run because you won’t have to go around the house looking for what you need. So the first tip about handling kitchen counters is to organize your stuff evenly in certain cabinets and always remember to replace them whenever you are done. Another tip would be to keep the heavier objects on lower cabinets. Chances are the cabinets that are high off the ground will not be as strong as the cabinets near the floor as it is recommended to place heavy objects like large bottles on lower cabinets while everything else is placed on a higher cabinet so remember to keep the heavy objects on low shelves.