RTA cabinets are very easy to assemble and easily available these days.  While you won't get the comfort of handing over the entire responsibility of building and installing to a contractor, you save a great deal of costs with these cabinets.  The RTA cabinets that are available today have improved in terms of quality to a great extent and investing in them can be extremely beneficial as they can be disassembled easily in order to take them to another location.  There are certain things that you must be careful about like the quality of wood used, the tools supplied along with it and proper instructions for assembling and installing them. 

They are very easy to assemble and you only need a screwdriver and drill to get the work done.  They can be assembled within a few minutes as all you have to do is follow the instructions provided with them.  The only time you need to be extremely careful is the installation process, as it requires some patience to put in those extra hours to get it fixed.  It can look great in your kitchen the same way as the custom kitchen cabinets do.  The amount saved can be used to add further embellishments to the kitchen decor.