Rustic kitchen cabinet imparts a very sophisticated and classy appeal to the entire décor. They are traditional at the same time highly stylish. They look rich and extremely tasteful. Rustic kitchen cabinet, in simple words, refers to country style cabinets. These kitchen cabinets have a rustic, rugged and rural feel. Even if the other stuff in the kitchen is up to the mark and modern, these rustic kitchen cabinets can impart a drastically different look to your kitchen. Such cabinets are by and large made of wood, which gives that rustic and folk look to the cabinets. The wood makes an addition to the raw and natural look. 

Alder is good when designing rustic kitchen cabinets. It is a soft type of hardwood with straight grain and fine texture. Usually, the colour is light brown with hints of red and yellow. Cherry is another hardwood to consider when building rustic kitchen cabinets. Colours can range from off-white to red to brown depending if you're using sapwood or heartwood. Hickory is one of the strongest woods. It has unique grain patterns and available in an array of colours. If you like the contemporary and old fashioned look, such cabinets will be a good choice for you.