If you have recently noticed that the wood in your kitchen is decaying or infested with mold chances are the cabinets will not be able to support a lot of weight which means you can’t use them. So you have two options; keep the cabinets and try and find a way to place object within them without breaking anything or you can buy a new set of cabinets. Of course it takes some skill to remove the wood from your cabinets and replace it with a new set of cabinets. So it is recommended to hire a professional to assist you in building your new kitchen. It is always pleasant to have a clean kitchen especially if you have to work in it for several hours at a time. If you want to be a cook you should make sure that your kitchen is clean and organized so you can find all the need ingredients for whichever dish you are attempting to prepare. So if your cabinets appear to be losing strength it would be a good idea to replace them all together. You can find bran new cabinets online and have them shipped to you and chances are you will need someone to install them for you unless you already know how to.