Redesigning a kitchen can be difficult especially when it comes to removing and replacing the old kitchen cabinets with new ones. Chances are you do not have any previous experience with removing kitchen cabinets so if you are uncomfortable with the idea of working on this project by yourself it is recommended to hire someone who knows what he or she is doing. Of course it is always recommended to at least try to do a job so that you learn something. On the other hand since kitchen cabinets can be quite expensive and you can damage other components within the kitchen while attempting to remove the  cabinets it would be best to let someone else do the job for you and if you want to learn you can just watch. Of course you must be aware of the fact that there are literally thousands of different styles and types of kitchen cabinets and new types are being made all the time so it can be quite confusing to select the type you want. You should first decide on a basic style and material like wood for example and just work with basic wooden cabinets in order to avoid confusion.