Kitchen cabinets are designed primarily for storage. There are many different cooking supplies that you will need to create tasty dishes or to just cook food in general. For example, you need to have a set of spices and utensils within your kitchen in order to make it easier to cook your meals. So considering the fact that you need to have a decent amount of cooking supplies you will also need a place to put them; you can’t just leave them in the open. So that is why we have kitchen cabinets to store all our dry food and cooking supplies. Of course sometimes the cabinets tend to wear away with time especially if the house is moist. The moisture will get into the wood of the cabinets and create mold which will weaken the structure of the cabinets. So you will need to replace the cabinets as soon as possible. Of course you will have a lot of options to select from when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You should first set aside a budget and only consider certain cabinets that fit into your budget in order to avoid spending large amounts of money. So the purpose of kitchen cabinets is to store kitchen supplies and various foods.