Again you should make sure that you keep the items that you use more often at the front, and try to avoid keeping anything too far towards the back or it will likely never see the light of day again. If you are lucky then you will be able to find affordable kitchen cabinets that either include a rotating tray or have space for them. If so then this is a great way to ensure you can reach all of your herbs and that nothing gets forgotten. Avoid keeping these near the oven, as while they shouldn't be perishable they may still have

Another set of cabinets you will need to organise are those that hold things like shampoo and washing up things. These should be kept away from the food as the smell of detergent etc can otherwise often contaminate the food. Often it will be kept under the sink but it's a good idea to keep some space spare in your cabinets too.

Finally try to have some spare space whether its some spare shelves inside your cabinets, an empty drawer or just some room left over in the sections you've got. This is important as you will likely be adding to your selection of crockery and utilities which you will need to find space for.