End Of Summer Sale
If you want to refurbish your kitchen and give it a completely new look on a budget, then you need to learn more about the RTA cabinets or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. In a nutshell, these kitchen cabinets come in a package that comprises of all the parts, accessories and hardware needed, including the necessary holes and the finishes you asked for.  Therefore, all you need to do is remove your all kitchen furniture and attach the parts of the new kitchen cabinets altogether. Besides the fact that you will have the kitchen design you always wanted, the costs of the kitchen remodeling is cut down considerably, as you are doing the assembly. Moreover, as they do not occupy the same space as fully assembled cabinets, the shipping costs are reduced.

Apart from the assembly procedure, the RTA kitchen cabinets are not different in any way from their pre-assembled counterpart. Therefore, they are available in the full spectrum of quality. To be more specific, the poor quality RTA kitchen cabinets consist of particleboard drawers and boxes that you might need to paint yourself. On the opposite end, the high quality kitchen cabinets can include molding, odd sizes, veneered plywood boxes and other complex finishes or special materials that you have in mind.

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