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If you are looking to take full advantage of storage space from your kitchen cabinets, then one idea would be to select furniture with shelves. The shelves are an excellent way for old homes that have rather constrictive kitchen designs that make storing a lot of items can prove to be a nuisance.

Besides the actual shelves, you could also consider shelf dividers and under shelf baskets.  Both these additions help make the best out of the available space on top of the kitchen cabinets and inside the shelf as well.

However, it is necessary to highlight that you cannot store your kitchen utensils randomly and the arrangement needs to make sense, that is, if you want to have an organized kitchen. For instance, store canned food and similar shaped glass in the same compartment, as their shape permits placing them one on top of each other.

If you have the luxury of deep cabinets, you can utilize the space in the back by adding a very small elevated square so that the items in the back can be easily seen and used. It can be easy to forget about the objects in the back of the cabinet, as the old adage says : ”out of sight, out of mind.”

Another way to create more storage space is by organizing your utensils, appliances, plates, dishes, glasses and so on according to the frequency you need to use them. From this point of view, the appliances and dishes that you use on a daily basis can be stored in the counter top, while the ones used for special occasions and holidays can be placed under the cabinet.

Finally, the best way to enhance your kitchen storage space is by making sure that everything you’re keeping in your cabinets is absolutely necessary. When was the last time you used that full rotisserie set? Is there a chance that you’re ever going to use it? Do you really need a bowl in every shape imaginable? By boxing up these out-of-place oddities and storing them in a closet or your garage, you can make sure that the little room you do have in your kitchen is occupied only by the necessities.

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