Chances are aware of the fact that cabinets can wear over time. In other words, the wood will wither away and the cabinet will be very weak so if you try to place a heavy object in it chances are it will break and collapse all over your kitchen. Of course it does take a relatively long amount of time for kitchen cabinets to wither away but if you happen to move to a new home which has an old kitchen chances are you will need to replace the cabinets. So you should educate yourself on how to go about replacing a kitchen cabinet if you are planning on moving to a house which has an old kitchen.  There are quite a few steps involved with taking down kitchen cabinets. Sometimes you can damage certain components if you do not know the appropriate steps to taking down a kitchen cabinet. So it is always recommended to hire a professional who will know how to take down and replace a cabinet with little or no difficulties. In other words, you should hire a kitchen designer to work with you while you plan how to remove the cabinets. Kitchen designers will help you design your entire kitchen.