If you have just recently noticed that the amount of cooking supplies you have exceeds the amount of storage space within your kitchen then chances are you are wondering if there was a way to get more storage in your kitchen. Well, it really depends on your particular kitchen not all kitchens are made exactly the same. If you use logic you can easily determine if your kitchen can handle more cabinets. In order to determine if you can install more cabinets within your kitchen you should look and see if there is any empty wall space or floor space. Chances are you want your cabinets to be above the sink so that you can grab objects with ease. However sometimes there will be no extra room on the wall for additional cabinets so you will have to buy a floor cabinet. Floor cabinets are quite effective because they are basically like night tables just for the kitchen. You can store a lot of objects inside one and you can even place objects or electronic cooking devices like toasters or coffee makers on top of the floor cabinet. So if you want or need more space in your kitchen you should get a good floor cabinet.