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Kitchen Layouts Part Three

Posted by Nathan Lincoln on 12/30/2010 to Blog

The question for many people of course is what to start drawing, and many of us will feel that we don't really have any idea of how to go about drawing a kitchen design. What are the requirements of a good layout?

The first thing that many people use as a guide is the idea that it's good to have triangle 'work zones'. A work zone or work station is a point in the kitchen where you can stand and reach one or more kitchen cabinets and at least one appliance. This then gives you all the things you need in order to work – you can chop your vegetables for instance while leaning on one cabinet, have pans standing on another, and then stir the items that are already cooking on the hob. Having this one 'work station' where you can reach all three gives you a kind of freedom and productivity that you otherwise would not be afforded and means you aren't constantly moving around the kitchen.

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