The alley layout also gives you the benefit of being able to easily reach into lots of cabinets for kitchens and grab your various crockery as you're working.

A slight variation on these layouts is one that basically combines the alley layout with the L shaped one by putting an extra cabinet or two at the end of the alley to create a U shape. As such this is then called the 'U' layout. This is again very practical and it gives you several advantages. For one you have the benefits of the alley shaped layout in that you can reach either of the opposite sets of cabinets, and for the other you now have two triangle work stations because there are two right angles at the end. This shape works well with either oblong kitchens (though not quite as narrow) or spacious kitchens and for spacious areas you will likely have an arrangement that means your three sets of cabinets are roughly the same length and provide roughly the same working area.