You also need to think about the room you actually have to work with and this will effect how you can physically fit your cabinets and other items in. For instance things like radiators, stop taps, windows and doors all will get in the way of where you want to fit your kitchen cabinets, while some appliances such as the sink would be incredibly difficult to move (hence why it is used as the example in the expression 'everything but the kitchen sink'). You also need to think about the dimensions of your kitchen, and how you can maximise the space you've got – if it's very narrow for instance then you won't want to use an 'island' cabinet which sits in the middle of the room as that would take up the floor space you've got and not make the most of it.

There are other considerations too. For instance how much storage you need and here you need to think about how you can fit all of your small appliances in comfortably and all of your crockery and have it easily accessible.