If you are planning on redesigning your kitchen to add more storage room you will need to know several things first. So if you are planning on adding more cabinets to your kitchen i suggest you continue reading this short post. So before you start removing cabinets and buying new ones you should come up with a basic plan as to what to do. Think your way through the plan a step at a time and do not rush into making any hasty decisions because that is how we make mistakes. You do not want to spend a considerable amount on a cabinet that does not fit in your kitchen so think about your plan carefully. If you just remember to take the project a step at a time without any rush you will be able to finish with little or no errors. So first decide how much storage you will need and if it is even possible to install more cabinets in your kitchen. Get a good look at everything and measure the tight spaces to make sure that your cabinet will be able to fit in. Once you have all the necessary measurements you can go to a hardware store and find the cabinet you need.