White kitchen cabinets require more maintenance than their counterparts. Things you need are a spray bottle, dish detergent soap, regular wet wash cloth, dry wash cloth, sponge with rough side and sponge side and a pine sol or any other type of disinfectant if you want a good fragrance. Take your spray bottle, pour about a half a tablespoon into the bottle and depending on your bottle size fill it up about 2/3 with fresh, cold water. Shake the spray bottle well so the contents can mix together.

Now spray the mix on your cabinet. If you are spot cleaning then of course just a small spray will do. If you have to clean food or spots rub it with the sponge. Then give it another spray all over and wipe with your wet cloth and wipe it with your dry cloth. To impart your cabinets a soothing scent take your pine sol or other fragrant disinfectant and add some to your wet cloth then wipe the cabinet with your wet cloth then give it a wipe with the dry cloth. By following these simple steps you can keep your white kitchen cabinet spotless and shining for a long time.