When you get a kitchen renovation you'll also focus on the appliances and this will mean that you can get more or less use out of your kitchen too. You'll think about things like a dishwasher, the hob the oven, the sink etc and you will generally try and make sure that the systems you have in place are as modern and as effective as they can be. If you spend the money now buying the best systems for your kitchen and the best kitchen cabinets then they will work better for longer and it will be a lot longer before they start to appear dated and make your kitchen look old.

In other words then, by having the best kitchen cabinets and by having the best appliances and layout, you can make your kitchen look like it is part of the home of tomorrow. And indeed if you've ever seen programmes about the homes of tomorrow, then it's always the kitchen and the bathroom they focus on.

Having damaged equipment and grotty looking kitchen then makes your home look out of date and old in contrast.