That then means that you can simply draw up plans for them and let them get on with it and not worry about anything else. It means you only have one bill to pay, and it also gives you someone to consult with who can recommend you the very best kitchen cabinets, the best layout, the best workmen etc. With a contractor you can also get an estimation of the price, and of how long it will take and all this will help you to get your kitchen designed precisely how you want it with no nasty surprises and with minimum fuss.

Another big bonus of using a contractor is that they will get everything done for you more cheaply – because they will have deals with the laborers and contacts that they use regularly who can get it all done more quickly. It means you won't accidentally hire a cowboy to do the job for you.

You will need to show your kitchen contractor the kitchen cabinets that you want and they will help you to install those and have them delivered etc.