At the same time it means that when you work there, this is then what you're surrounded by and what you have to get used to working around. It is easy when working in the kitchen to feel claustrophobic and hemmed in if the kitchen cabinets leave no space in the room and if they're too suffocating a color or pattern. At the same time as they get older they will collect grime and dirt and dust and they will then start to be harder to clean and they will look grubbier too. This all then makes the kitchen feel dirtier and smaller (dirty or untidy rooms always feel smaller) and if you have a lack of storage and floor cabinets then that will only add to this overall effect.

You'll be in here every day at least once but more likely three times, and you'll be working on food in a hot environment with lots of smells and fumes cooking should be an enjoyable experience but when the kitchen isn't as it should be then it doesn't feel that way it feels instead like a chore and like you've been consigned to the boiler room for hard labor.