That said, if you should want your wood kitchen cabinets to be a certain color or pattern, then it is possible to get them painted and this means that there are a vast range of options here too. It comes down to budget and choice.

For your tiles and your countertops – the work surfaces that go on top of your cabinets – you will probably want to go wood, laminate or maybe even stone. Again stone is a very luxurious and decadent look for your kitchen and one that will be highly resilient and a good investment, but it is also very expensive (and can be cold underfoot unless you get underfloor heating) so it comes down to personal preference. The best looks though have the the same material for the countertops as they do for the flooring which makes that consistent design that goes through all the elements of your kitchen.

If you are only changing the cabinets for now, then you will need to select cabinets that are going to match the current tiles and thereby still allow you to have a consistent design.