This means that you're not buying as much of the wood that you want and you can therefore get the same look as with wood cabinets but for a smaller price. This makes it a good option for those who have a smaller budget, however there are downsides again and specifically it's important to recognize that laminate kitchen cabinets are more likely to chip easily and the laminate plastic can sometimes peel away from the chip board underneath which is not an attractive look for your cabinets.

On the plus side you do have slightly more design options with laminate kitchen cabinets. Because a laminate kitchen cabinet is more synthetic and is designed in a lab this then means that it does not have to be a natural wood color. You can find many different laminate cabinets and these will can be almost any color or design you can think of – and you can even get them to look the same as your wood kitchen cabinets (though don't expect people to be unable to tell the difference).