You need to decide how much of an overhaul you're going to give everything too. Are you just going to do the cabinets? Or are you going to do the flooring too? And what about the appliances? This will depend partly on your budget and what you can afford. Of course the more you change about your room the bigger and impact it will have and the more you will get to benefit from the changes, but also the more mess will be created and the more you will have to spend.

If you're finding your kitchen stressful to be in and your current laminate kitchen cabinets are looking worse for wears then you will need to change something to be happy more of the time and to keep your kitchen tidy and hygienic. If you can't afford an entire kitchen overhaul then don't let this stand in the way of your making any significant changes. There is nothing to stop you from just changing your kitchen cabinets around and this can be relatively cheap and easy. If you have ready to assemble kitchen cabinets then even better – you won't need any workmen in to design the interior for you.