Once you have all of this you will have a list of everything you need – all the cabinets and all of the appliances and you can then start visualizing where they will fit around the kitchen. Measure the kitchen now, and then using the measurements of the appliances and cabinets you want draw up a plan where you can put in each item. This is very important as it allows you to play around with the very best set ups which you can show a contractor to make sure that they make a layout that you like, and also because it means that you can be certain before you begin that everything is going to fit into place and that you have adequate room – you don't want to order too many cabinets and likewise you don't want any big ugly spaces. Again if you are just using ready to assemble cabinets to add some new cabinets in yourself you will still need a plan of where they are going to go, but you will need to measure your existing appliances and make sure that it all fits around these.

When you design the layout of your cabinets think long and hard about how practical it will be to work in – not just how good it will look. Try to create 'work zones' where you have access to more than one cabinet and more than one work surface. Triangles and right angles make perfect work zones, so try to create as many of these as possible with adjacent sets of kitchen cabinets.