The best solution then for your kitchen cabinets or for your floor and wall tiles, is to go for a light color but to also have specks in it or a very light pattern. This way it will look as though the surface is not completely plain already, and as such, when you drop crumbs or spill drink onto the floor it will look more as though it's blended in to the floor and won't stand out as much against the flecks that are already in it.

You then need to choose the materials. For your cabinets this will normally mean choosing either wood kitchen cabinets or laminate kitchen cabinets. Here wood kitchen cabinets are going to be slightly more resilient and less likely to show chips and scratches over time, they will also add more to the value of your property and they will be more likely to make visitors go 'ooh' when they come to look around. For the kitchen of tomorrow then wood is a good cool.

Alternatively though you can also get laminate kitchen cabinets and these are essentially a chip board covered by a thin layer of better quality wood or plastic.