While planning to install the base cabinets in your kitchen, you must carefully inspect the wall and the floor where they are to be placed and make sure that the surface is even.  You must go for a repair if you find that the surfaces are not flat enough.  If you have any units that have to be installed with the cabinets, a provision must be made to install them along with the base cabinets.  The kitchen sink must be placed appropriately using the services of an excellent plumber.  If you are planning to install a dishwasher, then the ideal place for it will be the immediate left or the right side of the sink.

Since the cabinets are placed on the floor, the height from the floor must be measured appropriately to bring the top of the cabinet to the desired level in order to work comfortably.  Once they are properly placed, they are fixed to the wall with the help of screws.  After the cabinets are secured in place, the door handles can be fixed on them.  Hiring the services of a reputed contractor will ensure the perfect placement of the cabinets along with all the necessary hardware.