Kitchen cabinets can come in a wide variety of shapes and colors and they can be made out of many different materials like wood, metal, or sometimes even plastic. Since there are so many different types of cabinets to choose from one can sometimes get confused when it comes to selecting a new kitchen cabinet. However, if you do need a new cabinet you should just take everything a step at a time especially if you plan on replacing all your cabinets. There are several things that you should know before you start trying to replace all your cabinets. For one, chances are they are drilled or screwed into the back of the wall. Not all cabinets are attached to the wall but you should check to if yours are before you try to tear them off. If you tear of a cabinet which was attached to the wall you will also tear off a piece of wall which you will have to replace later. So make sure to check if the cabinet is attached to the wall or not before you attempt to remove it. Chances are you will need someone who has previous experience with installing cabinets to help you with your project.